Maggie Memo: Post Wedding Name Change

June 24

The vows have been said, the rings exchanged. You’ve celebrated with your family and friends, and now you have a brand new marriage license bearing your new last name. All is good, right? Not quite. From the long lines at the Social Security office and the DMV to the step-by-step name change process, changing your name after the “I Dos” can be a process. Follow the steps below to make your name change is as easy as possible! And while you may be itching to change your name as soon as possible, wait until after the honeymoon. Your new name has to match all travel documents, most importantly, your passport, and processing a name change can take anywhere from four to six weeks!

Post wedding name change guide.

Nastja Kovacec

1. Get Your Marriage Certificate

Before you can begin the process to change your name, you’ll need the original, or a certified copy, of your marriage license. If a copy wasn’t automatically mailed to you, call the county clerk’s office where your license was filed to obtain a copy.

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Nastja Kovacec

2. Change Your Social Security Card

The first step in changing your name is to obtain a new Social Security card. Your number will stay the same, just updated with your new last name. Fill out an application for a new social security card HERE, and then take the application in to your local Social Security Administration office. You should receive a new card within 10 business days. See what documents you need to obtain your new Social Security card HERE.

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3. Change Your License at the DMV

For your trip to the local DMV, bring every form of identification you can… Your old license, your marriage certificate, passport, proof of residency and your new Social Security card. Long lines are common at the DMV, so check online beforehand to see if it’s possible to schedule an appointment.

4. Change Your Bank Accounts

The fastest way to change your name at your bank? Go into a branch with your driver’s license and marriage certificate. If they don’t offer, request new checks and a debit/credit card with your new name.


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5. Any Other Odds and Ends

Once you have your new Social Security card and driver’s license, the rest of your name changes should be easy. Some changes only require a phone call, while other may require a copy of your marriage license or an updated Social Security card. Remember to notify your employers/payroll, post office, utility companies, credit card companies, any social media sites you use, your landlord or mortgage company, insurance companies, and medical offices.