Maggie Memo: Post-Wedding Checklist

October 7

You’ve said your “I Dos”, and hopefully, you and your new hubby have had some time to relax and bask in the newlywed glow. It’s easy to forget about the post-wedding checklist, but those straggling items are just as important as your pre-wedding checklist. Read our post-wedding to-do list to help you finish up those last minute tasks!

Post wedding checklist by Maggie Sottero.

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1. Freeze the top layer of your cake – or set a reminder in your phone to order a new cake, one year from now.  Known as an omen for good luck, this wedding tradition will let you and your spouse relive one of the most special moments you’ve shared together. Didn’t save the top layer of your cake? Order a similar, smaller cake for your anniversary.


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2. Have your wedding day attire cleaned. Take your wedding dress to the dry cleaner to be professionally cleaned and preserved. If your groom bought his suit or tuxedo, take those as well.


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3. Vendor thank you notes and online reviews. Now that your wedding day has passed, it’s time to thank those who made it special … including your vendors. Write a short thank you note expressing your gratitude, and remember to submit online reviews sharing your experience.

4. Deliver thank you notes to your bridal party. From the initial wedding planning sessions to the moment you walked down the aisle, your attendants stood by your side and helped make your wedding day special. Share your appreciation with them with a hand-written thank you note.

5. Complete thank you notes for gifts. While it seems like thank you notes are endless, gift thank yous are an absolute necessity. Set aside thirty minutes each day, turn our your favorite playlist, and you’ll be done before you know it.


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6. Changing your name? Start the process now!  Read our guide to changing your name for step-by-step help.