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FALL 2022
Rebecca Ingram Wendi Mermaid Wedding Dress

enjoy effortlessness

Many good things come easy. Soft waves against a shore, cascading snow on the trees, falling deeply in love, your endless beauty, saying yes to your forever’s proposal, and finding your wedding dress.

This season, Rebecca Ingram is full of delightful ease; from the gowns themselves with opulent fabrics, simple and sophisticated designs, alluring lines, and enticing, chic exposed boning. Enjoy effortlessness with Rebecca Ingram.

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delightful ease manifested

Rebecca Ingram is the perfect convergence of style and affordability, without a compromise on quality. For the free-spirited, budget-savvy bride, this label injects the simplicity of timeless beauty into value-driven designs, resulting in magic only matched by finding your true love.

Dive into breathtaking sophistication and glamorous bohemian wedding dresses with Rebecca Ingram.

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Rebecca Ingram Wendi Mermaid Wedding Dress
Rebecca Ingram Stephanie A Line Wedding Dress
Rebecca Ingram Betty Sheath Wedding Dress
Rebecca Ingram Elouise Sheath Wedding Gown

whimsical, soft silhouettes

a love letter to the modern boho bride

Unabashed, understated glamour is often the most breathtaking, and this season’s wedding dresses prove it, over and over.

Mornings with your loved one, sunlight through leaves, and the breeze through your hair were our inspirations in this collection. Complete your love story with Rebecca Ingram.

Rebecca Ingram Sadie Leigh Fit and Flare Wedding Dress
Rebecca Ingram Vivien Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Rebecca Ingram Silas Fit and Flare Wedding DressRebecca Ingram Dinah Sheath Wedding Dress