Wedding Dress Trends In Our Fall 2024 Collection

DressesTips and Trends | May 4, 2024
Brides wearing Fall 2024 wedding dress trends

Trend alert! Well, actually, we have like seven wedding dress trends for you… Whatever your aesthetic, we promise there’s something you’ll love in our upcoming Fall 2024 collection. We have chic simplicity and regal ballgowns for our elegant brides, retro vibes and 3-D elements for our fun it-girl brides, and sexy slits and contemporary corsetry for our flirty brides. But we can’t give away all our fav gowns before the collection launches! So we’re going to be a tease and just give you a sneak peek at a handful of our gowns that are hot off the runway! (We know, we know! We can’t wait either!) Read on to get a feel for this season’s vibes and get a look at the hottest trends in bridal!

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Wedding dress trend number one? Chic and simple. We’re talking clean lines, luxe fabrics, sophistication, and subtle vibes. In a phrase: chic elegance. So what kind of bride is after a chic and simple wedding dress? If you’re looking for a gown that will withstand the test of time, simple is a perfect option for you. These gowns create stunning, timeless photographs. They also allow the bride to really shine, and leave room for personalization with different accessories.

Love simple wedding dresses! We have more where these came from! Check out our website to see our full collection of simple wedding dresses!

Charlize Lane by Maggie Sottero

Embrace your femininity and accentuate your figure with Charlize Lane, a simple fit-and-flare sweetheart bridal dress, designed to make you feel beautiful. It’s a princess style with modern charm, geometric details, and luxe crepe that give this gown an air of edgy sophistication. A perfect fit for the latest wedding dress trends!

Love Charlize Lane? Check out Charlize by Maggie Sottero, Charlize Lane’s base style from our previous collections! She is a satin corset mermaid bridal dress with a sweetheart neckline and stretch jersey lining that our brides absolutely love!

Shelby by Rebecca Ingram

Radiate confidence and charm in Shelby, a dazzling choice for the bride who seeks to sparkle on her special day. Classic, but with a twist… This shimmering ruched bridal gown serves up everything we love about a sexy, feminine, and timeless-meets-modern wedding vibe.

Wedding dress trends are hard to keep track of, but let us assure you, retro aesthetics are totally in! If you haven’t already seen the Y2K trends going around everywhere, or the groovy retro vibes all our fav celebs are modernizing, allow us to pull you out from under your rock. We’re head-over-heels for the playful details, flirty silhouettes, and sexy side slits that are all over our Pinterest boards – and, of course, our latest collection! If vintage-inspired wedding dresses are totally your thing, check these out!

Bennett Lane by Maggie Sottero

Simple. Striking. Clearly the right choice for an international elopement. An A-line two-piece wedding dress for a sweet and sophisticated statement. Step into the epitome of refinement and grace, exuding flirty glamour and sophistication.

Cecelia by Rebecca Ingram

Have we mentioned one of the biggest wedding dress trends brides are obsessed with right now is bows? Delight in the whimsical charm of Cecilia, a miniature bow bridal gown, a delightful fusion of youthful playfulness and grace. While we’re on the subject of relaxed and dreamy – on a scale of 1 to “Boho Supreme,” how would you rate this fabulously fun wedding dress?

Standout trains, gold and rose gold gowns, full skirts, and basque waists. What more could a girl in her princess era want? Regal maximalism is perfect for those “more is more” brides who are looking for a dress that will turn heads and drop jaws. If you’ve ever caught yourself lost in your latest novel wishing you could spend your days running down gilded corridors in ornate ballgowns, we see you, we love you, and we have just what you’ve been looking for. Princess wedding dresses here we come!

Nyjah by Sottero and Midgley

Dazzle from every angle in Nyjah, a scalloped sparkling lace wedding dress, and enjoy a bridal look that is truly breathtaking. Fabulous, romantic, and utterly feminine, this bridal gown is a transformative thing to behold, but even better to wear IRL.

Tinsley by Maggie Sottero

We can’t speak to wedding dress trends like regal maximalism without bringing up Tinsley! You wouldn’t mind a little extra star power on your big day, would you? Command attention in Tinsley, a V-neckline ball gown wedding dress by Maggie Sottero – a timeless silhouette for a fairy-tale entrance.

Many of the wedding dresses in our new collection are covered in standout pearls, beaded lace, and 3-D floral elements. And how could they not be considering they are huge wedding dress trends! Adding a little intrigue to your gown is always the move. If you’re someone whose heart is in the details, embrace opulence with these gowns sprinkled with intricate 3-D elements that are sure to make you the envy of every guest. After all, you only get married once. You may as well do it dripping in pearls, flowers, and crystals! Let’s bring in the glamorous wedding dresses!

Danica by Sottero and Midgley

Embrace timeless elegance with a touch of vintage charm in Danica, a pearl basque waist wedding gown, (Pearls! Totally hot in the world of wedding dress trends!) where classic sophistication meets modern allure. Looking for a silhouette that stands apart? Go big on flourish, lean into shimmer, and embrace the swishy, layered skirt effect that makes dancing irresistible in this gown.

Winona Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Embrace the magic of your love story in Winona Leigh, a fairytale floral ball gown bridal dress, a vision of whimsical beauty fit for a princess. If you’re looking for extra coverage and enchanting layers, modest is stunning and timeless in Winona Leigh by Rebecca Ingram.

Psst! If Winona Leigh isn’t totally your thing, check out her sister style, Winona by Rebecca Ingram! This 3D floral ruffle bridal dress means the closer you look, the more you adore!

Stunning exposed boning and lace-up bodices are all the rage and an essential part of our Fall 2024 Collection. (We love it when the latest wedding dress trends make for such stunning gowns!) There’s nothing that screams delicate femininity the way beautifully embroidered corsetry does. On top of being stunningly aesthetic, corsets are ultra-flattering and help make sure you feel totally secure in your wedding dress. If you’re into all things couture and contemporary, feminine corsetry is such a trendy way to incorporate those vibes into your bridal look! 

P.S. Make sure to check out our corset wedding dresses throughout all our collections once you’re done admiring these!

Madrona by Maggie Sottero

Make a statement in Madrona, a lace corset wedding dress by Maggie Sottero. We’re getting Silver Screen vibes, vintage glam, and sweet-spice-everything-nice in this lace corset wedding dress in embroidered lace and perfect illusion to meet all your expectations from your favorite wedding dress trends.

Kellen by Sottero and Midgley

Don’t let your gorgeous bouquet fall flat. Embrace the third dimension in this crisscross tulle wedding gown featuring garden-inspired motifs and an angelic silhouette. Meet Kellen, where intricate details and a bold silhouette create a bridal ensemble that is delightful.

We’re calling it now. Fall 2024 is the season of sexy side illusions, peek-a-boo cutouts, and plunging necklines. Did we mention sophisticated two-pieces and trendy keyholes? You’re welcome! Who says you can’t be stunningly sexy, on-trend, and still encapsulate that classic beauty little you always dreamed of on your wedding day? Get ready for our Fall 2024 gowns for a sexy twist on effortless elegance!

Megan by Rebecca Ingram

Sending good vibes from the land of cool, boho, and vintage-chic bridal inspiration, with this keyhole scoop back bridal gown as the very stylish messenger. You’ll command attention in Megan, where modern sophistication meets timeless romance in every detail.

Sorrento by Sottero and Midgley

Radiate elegance in Sorrento, a cat eye strapless wedding gown, a timeless choice for the modern bride who is always in the know on the latest wedding dress trends that we can’t get enough of. Sorrento is two things: classy and fabulous. And also playful. And confidence-boosting. (All the things.)

We wouldn’t be Maggie Sottero if we didn’t include lower-impact fabrics on this list! Disclaimer though, sustainability is NOT a wedding dress trend. It’s a lifelong commitment we’ve made to our planet, our brides, and ourselves. If you’re into dresses that have a lower impact on Mother Earth, hi! Let’s be friends. Also, just a reminder in case you’ve forgotten, we plant a tree for every Maggie Sottero dress sold through our partnership with One Tree Planted!

Mitchell Marie Vida by Maggie Sottero

Capture hearts in Mitchell Marie Vida, a banded cuff mermaid bridal gown by Maggie Sottero that encapsulates all our fav wedding dress trends – a stunning testament to your love story. We present this gown in response to the oh-so-pertinent search query: “Dazzling accessories for dazzling gowns.” You can find your inspiration in that statement bow back.

BTW, Mitchell Marie by Maggie Sottero is a legacy style! Our brides have loved this dress as long as it has been out, so we’re super thrilled to be putting out a lower-impact version. But be sure to still check out the original! 

Olympia by Maggie Sottero

Radiate timeless elegance in Olympia, a spaghetti strap A-line bridal dress by Maggie Sottero – a classic silhouette for the discerning bride. Say you’re very vintage and romantic. It seems only a gown like Olympia with asymmetrical draping and gorgeous accessories will do.

Love what you’ve seen of our Fall 2024 collection wedding dress trends? There’s so much more where this came from! Make an appointment now at your nearest Authorized Retailer so you’ll be ready to slip on some gowns IRL when they launch! We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on! And to see it on you in your wedding photos, of course!

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