Add A Detachable Wedding Dress Train or Overskirt!

Dresses | June 4, 2024
Brides wearing Maggie Sottero wedding dresses with bridal trains and overskirts

In the mood for something to spice up your bridal look? Consider adding a detachable wedding dress train or overskirt! If you need a little help choosing, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for your browsing pleasure! Bridal trains and overskirts with the same name as your gown make a perfect pairing, but feel free to mix and match for a totally unique bridal look if you so desire as well! Today, we’re bringing you shimmer, sophistication, volume, and more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride because you’re about to enter the world of bridal accessories! 

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A Wedding Dress Train vs. An Overskirt

If you’re a “more is more” kind of bride, a train or overskirt is totally the way to go to add a little spice to your bridal look that will leave your guests speechless! But let’s start from the beginning. First question: What are bridal trains and overskirts and what is the difference between the two?

A wedding dress train is an extra length of fabric that trails behind you when you walk, adding an element of drama and elegance to your bridal look. These come in various lengths and can be simple, floral, embellished, etc. You can read more about bridal trains and their significance in an article from that we love, The History of the Wedding Dress Train.

Overskirts are an additional layer of fabric that lays over the top of your wedding dress skirt, wrapping around your waistline. They come in a variety of volumes, fabrics, and levels of embellishment.

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Why Add A Wedding Dress Train or Overskirt?

Brides opt to add a bridal train or overskirt to level up their bridal look and create a memorable and regal presence as they walk down the aisle. If you’re a bride who always dreamed of that huge princess-esque bridal gown, adding a bridal train or overskirt can fulfill your childhood fairytale fantasy.

A detachable wedding dress train or overskirt also allows brides to have two dresses in one with very different vibes on their wedding day. They can throw on the bridal train or overskirt for that first look as you walk down the aisle moment, and then take it off and spend their cocktail hour in a sleek, sophisticated gown that screams effortless simplicity. If you can’t make up your mind on which aesthetic is for you, indulge in both with a bridal train or overskirt!

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Fall 2024 Detachable Wedding Dress Trains and Overskirts

Admina Wedding Dress Train

Ready to fly? This wedding dress train with sequined lace motifs is a little like wearing fairy wings for your big day! Say hello to our Admina Train!

Anniston Lane Wedding Dress Train

Add a touch of drama with our Anniston Lane Train! This champagne glitter tulle detachable train is complete with illusion tulle and romantic flourishes. 

Navi Wedding Dress Train

A delicate yet eye-catching detail, our Navi Wedding Dress Train with romantic sequin embellished lace is designed to compliment your sweet and romantic bridal aesthetic.

Hope Wedding Dress Train

Go sweet and whimsical with this train with unembellished lace over chic organza… Your guests and photographer will be delighted to see you in our Hope Train!

Kelsey Overskirt

This trendy aurora chiffon Kelsey Overskirt adds a bold and exceptional statement piece to your vintage-inspired bridal look.

Almudena Wedding Dress Train

Satin is working overtime for this Mikado embellished train, but the vibe is effortless. Almudena Train incoming!

Giselle Shoulder Wrap with Train

Add an old Hollywood flourish to your look with a satin shoulder wrap with a sequined 3-D illusion lace train. Our Giselle Shoulder Wrap with Train is suited for our “more is more” brides, and we love that for you!

Nyjah Wedding Dress Train

Take a cue from the classics: You’ll never regret donning a pleated tulle ruffle train like our Nyjah Train for your most covetable wedding portraits.

Detachable Wedding Dress Trains

Cho Detachable Wedding Dress Train

Our Cho Detachable Bridal Train with sparkle tulle, illusion, and a simple edge that our brides can’t get enough of! She’s shimmery, elegant, and totally over the top for brides who are looking to add a little spice to their wedding day look!

Twyla Detachable Wedding Dress Train

Dramatic pleated detachable wedding dress train with buttons down the back made of luxe Mikado? Yes, please! If sophisticated and silky are words you would use to describe your bridal style, our Twyla Detachable Bridal Train is just the accessory for you!

Vercille Detachable Bridal Train

What’s better than a Mikado strapless wedding dress that’s a little fairytale, a little vintage, and 100% romantic? All that with a matching detachable wedding dress train accessory as the cherry on top! Consider yourself best dressed in tiered satin and shimmer with our Vercille Detachable Bridal Train!

Barcelona Detachable Wedding Dress Train

For a fresh spin on a Renaissance-inspired classic, opt for this Mikado Barcelona Detachable Wedding Train to match your gown’s sweet and regal.

Cameron Detachable Wedding Dress Train

You have great taste in photography and a vintage soul. This old Hollywood-inspired satin Cameron Detachable Bridal Train is designed to complement both.

Viola Detachable Bridal Train

Luxe and feminine, this sparkle and floral lace Viola Detachable Bridal Train adds a touch of “razzle dazzle” to your wedding gown.

Frederique Detachable Train Extension

You love lace, so treat yourself to all the sequins and floral motifs you could ever want in this luxe and elegant long lace Frederique Detachable Wedding Dress Train.

Pippa Detachable Wedding Dress Train

Love a vintage aesthetic? This luxe Mikado bridal train beckons toward midcentury chic and movie-star whimsy. Try on our Pippa Detachable Train now!

Fontaine Detachable Train Extension

Is something missing from your bridal look? Add this whimsical lace scalloped Fontaine Detachable Wedding Dress Train to feel like you’re in full bloom.

Fiona Detachable Wedding Dress Train

Graceful and romantic, this vintage lace detachable bridal train adds a touch of dreaminess as you walk down the aisle. Check out our Fiona Detachable Train now!

Tuscany Royale Detachable Train Extension

You’ll find the prettiest petals in your wedding in this shimmery illusion lace Tuscany Royale Detachable Train Extension with perfect scallop edging.

Seen Enough Wedding Dress Trains? Now Check Out These Detachable Overskirts!

Amauri Detachable Overskirt

Do you feel like something’s missing from your simple bridal look? Add this sparkly tulle Amauri Detachable Overskirt for an irresistible upgrade.

Tallulah Detachable Overskirt

This boho tulle wedding overskirt is stunning as your main accessory, but even more stunning when dressed up with a shimmery veil. Our Tallulah Detachable Overskirt is a bride favorite for a reason!

Tempe Detachable Skirt

With a simple yet luxe tulle bridal overskirt like our Tempe Detachable Skirt, you can change up your bridal looks between the ceremony, reception, photos, and dance floor! Take a look at how stunning she is!

Stacey Detachable Overskirt

Seasons change and trends evolve, but a simple yet ethereal tulle bridal overskirt will never go out of style. That’s why we must include our Stacey Detachable Overskirt in this round-up!

Timbrey Overskirt

The Barbiecore trend is all about chic ruffles. Hop on this trend with a ruffled tulle bridal overskirt to live out your ultimate princess dreams. After all, our Timbrey Overskirt is fit for royalty!

Head over heels for a certain wedding dress train or overskirt? Same! (Except, we’re kind of obsessed with all of them…) What can we say? We love accessorizing. Now, if you haven’t already, head on over to your nearest Authorized Retailer and play dress up! We can’t wait to see the bridal look you put together for your big day! We’re sure you’ll look stunning. Happy shopping, brides! 

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