Types of Lace to Look for in Your Dream Dress

Tips and Trends | January 13, 2024
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Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but lace is a bride’s! At Maggie, we believe there is a type of lace for every bride. Some brides like their lace chic and comfortable. Others prefer it striking and sophisticated! Want to know which suits you? Don’t worry, we’ve already done all the research on the different types of lace for you. From Chantilly to Soft Knit, we’ve got you covered! Not sure you’re ready to commit? Scroll through some of our lace wedding dresses!

What are the different types of lace?

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Dreaming of a lace wedding dress but don’t know where to start? We totally get it. Here is our guide to the different types of lace to help you find your dream dress. All are equally stunning, of course, but it can cut down time in your hunt for the perfect dress if you already have an idea of what type of lace is perfect for your bridal vision. 

If you’ve already narrowed down the style and silhouette of your dream dress and have your heart set on lace, it’s time to dive into the different types of lace so you can find a dress that’s uniquely “you.

Keep reading to learn about your lace options and see how we styled them in our designs!

Classic Alencon Lace

Alençon is an intricate type of lace that originated in 16th-century Northern France. It was made by hand In its early years. This increased the demand for this luxurious product.

Coined the queen of lace, Alençon lace is the most popular choice for wedding dresses. It’s identified by a twisted corded outline that creates a defined look, with a subtle pop to every small detail. Design elements are bound together by finely stitched netting.

Classic and timeless, Alencon lace is a perfect choice for our brides who want a wedding dress that will never go out of style. This needlepoint lace looks best with a floral design on a sheer or net background. Additionally, this type of lace, although delicate, can withstand beading and heavy threading. We’re looking at you, glitzy brides!

For wedding dresses that perfectly capture this style of lace with its scalloped edging, and light and flowy designs take a look at these gowns:

P.S. Be sure to check out Norvinia’s sister styles, Norvinia Lynette and Norvinia Lane if you’d love this gown in a different silhouette.

Bohemian Guipure (Allover/Soft Knit/Eyelet) Lace

Guipure lace is a firm, stiff lace without a net background. Guipure lace fabric is decorative ‘openwork’ fabric with sensitive uses of spaces and solids.

Three words to describe soft knit lace? Soft, dreamy, and demure. With incredibly fine details swirling with understated florals, soft knit lace will have your fiance falling in love with you all over again. With delicate and bohemian looks being all the rage right now, soft knit lace is perfect for our lowkey brides looking to have small and intimate weddings that are all about the most tender parts of falling in love.

Unlike other types of lace, knit lace is much softer and more flexible because it lacks a tulle backing. Whichever gown you choose with this type of lace will contour to your body with much more ease!

Stunning detail with a bohemian touch? Yes, please! Eyelet lace features small holes, circles, or geometric patterns that give us all the vintage feels. It’s cool, unexpectedly modern, and totally unlike other types of lace. If you’re a bohemian or vintage-loving bride looking for a wedding dress to match your unique style, eyelet lace is for you.

To rock this vintage meets boho style type of lace, find these gowns below at an Authorized Retailer near you!

Types of Lace: Romantic Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Laces are famous for being delicate, high-end laces and are often full of detail. 

The majority of traditional Chantilly lace designs use a floral spray but more modern designs can be non-floral and geometric. Chantilly lace can be corded or embellished with beads and sequins which is a decadent choice for the modern bride.

If you love depth and romance, look no further than Chantilly lace. Made from braided and twisted lengths of thread, chantilly lace originated in Chantilly, France. This type of lace has remained popular because of its fine ground, outline pattern, and breathtaking detail. It’s whimsical, full of soft floral details, and oh-so-elegant. Need we say more?

Chantilly lace is used in many of our gowns as a layer beneath under details. We do this to create an effortless and glamorous look with all the dreamy details. This is the perfect type of lace for brides who want a classic yet striking look!

Our gowns below are just a few of many wedding gowns that feature this fabric:

Lavish Venice Lace

Venice lace has stitches that are close together and make a dense, three-dimensional pattern. There is no netting used in the making of Venetian lace, which results in very delicate lace.

A bride should have only the best for her wedding day, which is why we find our most sophisticated brides choosing gowns with the most lavish type of lace. Venice lace, of course. You’ll get nothing less than stunning intricacies and luxe materials with this lace, and we would expect nothing less from a bride like you. Luxury is right at your fingertips in these ornate lace wedding dresses.

Venetian lace appeared in Italy at the end of the 16th century. It has stayed popular amongst brides for a reason! This type of lace features the finest silk threads and is a firm, stiff lace. The lace motif patterns are usually connected by bars or plaits rather than net or mesh.

The best part of this type of lace? Check out these wedding dresses.

2-tone Lace

2-tone lace is a type of lace that, just like its name implies, has two different color tones. 

Here are a few dresses we love that feature this stunning, colorful lace:

Laser Cut Types of Lace

A laser cutter uses a beam of light to cut through the fabric to create lace with intricate designs and patterns. This type of lace is perfect for brides who want to add a little splash of color to their bridal look! 

Love the cool behind-the-scenes scoop on how laser-cut lace is made? Check out a few of these dresses to see how it turns out!

Daring Embroidery lace

Embroidery lace is bold, dimensional, and designed to make a bride stand out on her big day. If you’re a bride who craves depth in your dress and wants to make guests do a double-take as you walk down the aisle, take it from us. Go with the embroidered lace.

To create this unique lace, delicate patterns are tightly stitched onto an illusion base. This forms the appearance of an applique. Unlike other types of lace, beading or sequin lace pieces are embroidered on a separate tulle layer. This creates depth and dimension. (Who knew, right?!)

Check out these bridal gowns below:

Types of Lace: Chic Point D’Espirit Lace

Pont D’Espirit lace is an incredibly fine and flirty type of lace, suited for stylish brides who know that sometimes, less is more. Dainty and elegant, without being too loud.

Pont D’Espirit lace is marked by its lightweight fabric with small oval dots scattered over an illusion of tulle or net fabric. Additionally, this type of lace adds volume and a graceful aesthetic to whichever wedding gown speaks to you.

Love this look? Carson by Sottero and Midgley is a gorgeous wedding dress with chic lace and feminine lines.

3D Lace

3D lace is a relatively recent innovation and allows extremely striking patterns to be made using 3-dimensional designs. Are you a bride who wants to stand out? Look no further than these stunning wedding gowns that feature eye-catching 3D lace!

Crosshatch Lace

Crosshatch lace is a pattern made with two or more intersecting series of parallel lines that mark or shade the desired pattern. A few dresses that include this unique type of lace are Jackson by Sottero and Midgley and Fayette by Maggie Sottero.

Just like our gorgeous Maggie brides, every type of lace is unique and individual! From classic Alencon to lavish Guipure, you can find any type of lace you’re looking for at one of our many Authorized Retailers below! Good luck shopping brides!

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