Hispanic-Owned Businesses: Bridal Boutique Edition

Events and Boutiques | September 14, 2022
Hispanic Owned Businesses And Their Owners

It’s no secret… we’re big, big fans of our Authorized Retailers. They offer stellar service, ensure unforgettable experiences, and create a welcoming, inclusive environment for our gorgeous Maggie Brides to say YES to their dream dress. This month is National Hispanic Heritage Month, and we’re thrilled to highlight a few of our retailers who are Hispanic-owned businesses.

In our commitment to standing for love and love for ALL, we strive to amplify others’ voices so they can share their unique and beautiful stories. We’re thankful to have Authorized Retailers from diverse backgrounds, like Latinx-owned businesses, and their insights are incredibly valuable. We asked a few of our Hispanic business owners about their thoughts on the bridal industry, career advice, how they connect with their brides, and more! Keep scrolling to read all about these Hispanic-owned businesses, and make sure to sign up for our exclusive #MaggieInspiration text messages to be in the know on all things Maggie:

Hispanic-Owned Business and Business Owners in the Maggie Community:

First, allow us to introduce you to these amazing women who run these Hispanic-owned businesses!

Elaina Primus from Roselily Bridal in Richland, Washington.

Sophia Adamson from Ella Blu in El Paso, Texas.

Elodia Perches from Bridal Novias in El Paso, Texas.

Jeannette Lopez Salcido from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo in Farmington, New Mexico.

Connie Linnert from Ferndales Bridal in Orange, California.

Jacqueline Stuyvesant from Liliana Bridal House in Lakewood, Ohio

Now, on to learning a little bit more about these wonderful retailers!

How did you get into the bridal industry and become a Hispanic-owned business?

PC: Roselily Bridal

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “I’m from West Texas and moved to Washington in 2012. I came across a job posting for Amy’s Bridal Boutique, and the rest is history. Amy gave me the freedom and space to create, grow, and thrive. Amy’s Bridal showed me my place in the world and has filled my heart with more joy and love than I could have ever dreamed of. I have worked towards owning this shop for 9 years and cannot believe my dream has finally become my reality! Now with a fresh new name, Roselily Bridal has an endless amount of growth potential, and I have big goals for this ever-growing and amazing shop!”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “My mom had her store for 30-plus years, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps!”

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “I have always been inspired by my father’s values, hard work, and confidence. I was a PAN-AM flight attendant when I decided to start my own business with $1000 and a suitcase. My passion for buying products from women in third-world countries led me to India, Africa, and South America. I had a showroom selling products from India when a bridal company representative entered my store. We started talking about introducing a collection of bridal gowns into my boutique. Out of curiosity I looked at the catalog and ended up buying 12 dresses. I fell in love with the first Maggie Sottero lace-back collection, and the rest is history!”

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “My late husband George and I began the business in our garage making bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonniere’s, etc. As word of mouth spread, we found ourselves quite busy. We knew it was time to take a big step and open a small boutique. Neither of us had ever been self-employed. Now, I have owned my store for 36 years!”

PC: Roselily Bridal

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “Growing up, my mother, Coco Pedroza, was a celebrated designer and master seamstress in our hometown of Jalostotitlán, Jalisco México. Through observing and learning from her, I started sewing when I was 8 years old. When our youngest daughter, Ruthie, was in High School she got her first job at a local shop, Ferndales Bridal, and I helped out with alterations from brides. When the owner planned on retiring and passing on the Ferndales Bridal legacy, my husband Tom and I saw this as an opportunity to continue a legacy of our own. I had always dreamed of owning my own business and cultivating the gifts that were passed on to me by my mother. Faith, family, and friends are at the heart of what we do.”

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “We are originally from Colombia and Venezuela. This is a family business, owned and operated by me and my mother-in-law, Liliana. We provide not only wedding dresses but alterations and accessories as well. Our goal has always been to provide a warm, family experience alongside those closest to the brides and their families, and making the bride look as beautiful as possible on their special day.”

What is your favorite thing about being in the bridal industry?

PC: Ella Blu

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “The WOMEN in this industry! I’ve never been a part of such a boss babe community until I stepped into the bridal world. Sure, there is lots of glitz, glam, and beauty in bridal, but it is a tough job. I don’t think people quite understand everything that goes into running a bridal shop, but I have amazing mentors and women in the industry to look to for support, and I couldn’t be successful without them as a shining example.”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “Helping the bride show her identity through her wedding gown and finding the first puzzle piece of her dream wedding!”

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “After 39 years of creating memories, my favorite thing is that I have the privilege and opportunity of dressing the daughters of brides I have dressed in the past. I have been dressing 3 generations of brides and quinceañeras.”

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “Being in this industry and being the only Hispanic-owned boutique in my area, I have been asked to fit local recording artists and beauty pageant contestants!

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “I am very fortunate to say that I love what I do. The work we do is something that has been passed on through generations. More than anything, it gives us a purpose and a sense of belonging. I love to sew and be creative with my hands. I am my mother’s daughter, and she continues to be with me in thoughts, dreams, memories, and the work I do!”

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “Happiness, we love what we do, and we always tell our team that we’re a family that is here to help and create the best experiences for our brides in the midst of one of the most beautiful moments in their lives. Being part of the moments in our store when the brides say yes to a dress is something indescribable and such a contagious emotion. Love is truly in the air.”

Do you have any career advice for other Hispanic women business owners?

PC: Bridal Novias

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “Trust yourself and be confident in what you’re doing. I went into this field with zero background, but after years of working in the industry and giving it my all, I felt ready to take it on. We as women tend to look for approval and/or often feel less than capable, but we wouldn’t be making the jump to own our own business if we didn’t deep down believe in ourselves and what we are doing.

Another great piece of advice is to realize the opportunity we as Hispanic women now have that our past generations didn’t. I named the shop partly for my grandmother. I loved that woman. She was fierce and SHE was my biggest cheerleader growing up. My grandmother had a 3rd-grade education and worked nearly every day of her life. I remember her taking me out to the cotton fields when I was small and showing me her “world”. She never had an ounce of the opportunities I did. It wasn’t a reality for her. So here we are ladies, with the world at our fingertips, and who are we to not give it our all.”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “Follow your HEART and DREAM!”

PC: Bridal Novias

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “Continue educating yourself, read every business book, and attend seminars and markets. Understand your culture, be present, believe in yourself, and always continue pedaling through the changes.”

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “We got advice from our friends to help us begin our own business!”

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “My advice to other Latina business owners would be to keep going. In Spanish, we have a saying, “El que persevera alcanza” (where there’s a will there’s a way).”

PC: Bridal Novias

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “With patience, perseverance, and endless support from the people around you, nothing is impossible. Always believe in yourself, in your abilities, and in what you can do, and never forget that even the most beautiful flowers in the world take time to bloom. Continue to educate yourself, and never stop learning and studying. The day you know everything is the day you can retire.”

“Have the understanding that in every industry and in every business, things take time, but it is worth it. Things may take longer than expected, but once you see the great results, especially in the professional and emotional aspects, it will be such a rewarding feeling. It brings great satisfaction to achieve the things you’ve worked so hard for. Always leave the day with the notion of yes you can!”

What is it like being a Hispanic-owned bridal boutique?

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “Honestly it feels AWESOME! Owning your own business in general is so rewarding, but to know that you are in the minority, not the majority, really is something extremely special. I think we can all appreciate our own accomplishments in this life, but it does feel quite honorable to be able to do what I do knowing where I came from. I didn’t grow up wealthy, but my mother raised me to work hard and be kind, and I hope to do my family and heritage proud.”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “There are few of us Hispanic business owners and Latina-owned businesses in the industry. I know most of them, and they love to discuss what it’s like and what our brides are looking for!”

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “If I can influence women to believe in themselves, and know they can do it, I will be happy.”

PC: Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo 

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “Being a Hispanic-owned business has its advantages of being bi-lingual, especially in our community where we have a mix of cultures. Our culture is very family-orientated and welcoming, which means a lot of our customers become our friends. I am also a member of the Las Amigas de Nuevo Mexico organization, which helps promote Hispanic-owned businesses and Latinx-owned businesses and gives me recognition as a female-owned, successful business.”

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “Being a Hispanic-owned bridal boutique is wonderful. I think many of us who have a history, culture, and roots outside of the U.S. will often look for spaces and people who share that experience. People who have experienced migration or have migration stories within their families can understand and relate to feeling like although we are physically in one place, a part of us also lives somewhere else. I hope to offer a sense of familiarity, comfort, and understanding to anyone who walks through our doors.

Taking pride in my culture and the languages I speak is invaluable. Embracing our rich and diverse community allows me to offer the comforts of “home” no matter where our customers come from. I share my story with pride and all who work here do, too. This leads to an intimate and safe experience for all customers.”

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “It is a huge honor to have the opportunity to represent women and Latinas in the bridal industry. We take this responsibility seriously and make it a priority to continue to represent all the businesswomen and Latinx people in the community with great pride.”

How do you connect with your brides?

PC: Ferndales Bridal

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. So, connecting with my brides and falling in love with their love stories is such a joy for me. No two brides’ stories are the same. Working with each one is an opportunity to make an impact and let them know they are beautiful and loved. I’ve said it before, but I really am all about women empowerment, and I want each one of my brides to feel their absolute best at my shop. I am their biggest cheerleader and cannot wait to be their hype girl at their bridal appointment! I am always so excited to see what they fall in love with at Roselily Bridal.”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “We connect with a lot of brides at bridal shows! Most importantly, we connect with them through social media and word of mouth!”

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “I speak their language and always wear a universal smile.”

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “We connect with our brides through social media, namely Facebook and Instagram!”

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “Finding common ground with our brides (and their family and friends) reminds me of my own journey, especially those special moments and milestones. Being a source of calm and assurance is the most impactful way I can connect with a bride. I do what I can to let her know that I am on her team, and she has our support.”

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “Connecting to our brides derives from the love and passion I felt for my own bridal journey.”

What do you want brides to know about your store?

PC: Liliana Bridal House

Elaina from Roselily Bridal: “We are a girl gang with mad skills. We are incredibly passionate about what we do and whom we serve! Our high-energy and upbeat team kill it in the bridal and tuxedo game! We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and love to make brides’ dreams come true each day. I want your experience to be so elevated and special because that is truly what I think every bride deserves. I want my brides to feel so taken care of and fussed over when they come in here. Here at Roselily Bridal & Tuxedo, we care deeply about your vision and personal style. We cannot wait to help bring your wedding style dreams to life!”

I’m just so grateful and honored for this opportunity to share my story. I hope to inspire those around me to go for it and make those dreams a reality! My fellow Hispanic women, you are worthy and so capable in this life. Dream big and shine bright!”

Sophia from Ella Blu: “We are the largest bridal boutique in the Southwest, and we carry a large selection of brands and experiences. Once you walk into Ella Blu, you are walking into a family-owned boutique with the best experience! We absolutely love Maggie Sottero!”

Elodia from Bridal Novias: “We guarantee they will be happy with the gown they choose, or we will exchange it. We believe we stand for their happiness.”

PC: Liliana Bridal House

Jeannette from Jae-Geo’s Bridal and Tuxedo: “Our customer service is what we are very well known for. We accommodate our customers to the best we possibly can to make their special event memorable. Our store has also won many awards! We have some for the best store display window and it has been voted #1 Bridal Store in our city.”

Connie from Ferndales Bridal: “I want brides to know that our store is a place they can dream and feel welcomed. With my design experience, I have been able to customize gowns and create one-of-a-kind accessories to match. I get inspired when a bride decides to add special details to her look like adding sleeves or embellishing a veil to match her gown. Whatever she might be envisioning, our team is equipped to help make that happen for her. Ferndales Bridal looks forward to helping you find the dress of your dreams. We are privileged and honored to play a small part in preparing you for your most special day.”

Jacqueline from Liliana Bridal House: “At Liliana Bridal, we strive to make women feel beautiful and confident for their wedding day. As a team, we truly love what we do and take the time to learn about our brides in order to offer the best service possible. We appreciate every single one of our brides for trusting us in their journey of finding the perfect dress.”

We LOVE Our Authorized Retailers!

THANK YOU so much to the amazing owners of these Hispanic-owned businesses who gave us this valuable insight! You can show some love by supporting your local Latinx-owned businesses by hiring Hispanic businesses to make your wedding special!

For more ideas on how to support Latinx-owned businesses and how to incorporate Hispanic Heritage into your wedding, click here to read our blog: Hispanic Wedding Traditions: Celebrating Our Real Brides for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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