What are Jacquard and Brocade Wedding Dresses?

Dresses | May 21, 2024
Brides wearing jacquard and brocade wedding dreses by Maggie Sottero

Magical things come together to make the perfect wedding dress: personal style, good vibes, perfect flourishes, and impeccable fit… and very importantly, FABRIC. This (let’s face it) very important component is all about the perfect balance of construction, style, and eye-catching detail — the best way to complement your silhouette while showcasing your fabulously good taste. Curious about options? We have an ideal fabric category for your consideration: brocade wedding dresses, AKA lush and ultra-stylish vintage styles featuring romantic fabric motifs. We’ve compiled the latest trends in our gown gallery… Keep scrolling to find your new fave! 

What Are Jacquard and Brocade?

There are tons of unique fabric options available for wedding dresses, and jacquard is certainly one of the most romantic and regal. Typically featuring a thick weave and interwoven designs, jacquard is a satin-like fabric with a highly structured feel. This luxurious fabric comes in an array of designs, including florals, stripes, chevrons, and geometric motifs. It is sometimes paired with other regal embellishments like pearls, crystals, and embroidered lace, but it’s often styled on its own as the main feature of a romantic gown.  

In the category of jacquard, brocade is also known as embossed cloth or a patterned woven textile. In these fabrics, a pattern is woven in to create a unique and dimensional contrast between foreground and background. As you shop for jacquard wedding dresses, you’ll likely come across various brocade styles that fit your vision and theme. 

What Do Jacquard and Brocade Wedding Dresses Look Like?

Need a few visuals of brocade and jacquard? Here are examples from our collection of dresses:

  • Aspen Marie, Derrick Maire, and Cyprus have a raised floral pattern that gives the dress greater dimension in all lighting conditions. 
  • Amber has a unique woven pattern that has even greater depth around the edges of each patterned motif.
  • Hilo and Vesta have a tighter thread count and thus the pattern has a smoother finish/hand when touched. It creates a beautiful reflection on the fabric when the light hits the floral pattern.
  • Amber Marie is another design of jacquard fabric. This raised, textured, petite pattern gives a wonderful quality to the fabric that allows the folds in the bodice to create a bold pleated feature to the style.

Season- and venue-wise, jacquard and brocade are best suited for cooler temps and fall and winter settings. Since these fabrics tend to be heavier and more structured, they lend themselves beautifully to cozy backdrops like manors and lodges, or even an outdoor setting with chillier weather. This is also the perfect opportunity to accessorize with a demure veil, cape, wrap, or overskirt.

Where Can I Find Jacquard and Brocade Wedding Dresses?

You can find jacquard and brocade wedding dresses on our website using our new filter! When browsing, go to the left side of the screen and scroll down through the filters until you reach the “Fabric” section, then select “Jacquard and Brocade” to see our collection of gowns. Browse available styles, save your favorites, and head to an Authorized Retailer near you to try them on IRL. Here are a few stunning designs to get your started!

Jacquard and Brocade Wedding Dresses

Hilo by Maggie Sottero

Our first pick is a jacquard wedding dress with exceptional tailoring — a vintage silhouette with fresh details for a chic, ultra-feminine bridal vibe. The strapless mermaid silhouette features impeccable ruching and layers, while the delicate jacquard motifs add a unique structure and shimmer. Add the statement bow for extra whimsy and dimension… Hilo by Maggie Sottero makes for perfect photo ops! 

(Hilo also has the option of a stunning shade of black. The jacquard is truly something magical with this unorthodox hue for an unconventional wedding theme.)

Looking to accessorize? This curve-hugging style pairs beautifully with a dramatic bridal veil or cape, and provides a slinky foundation for statement Hollywood jewelry like a choker, pendant, or tiara.

Amber by Maggie Sottero

Engagement planning have you second-guessing your style? Don’t let the noise get to you… It’s best to listen to your inner Renaissance-princess-fairytale instincts. Start by pinning this luxury ballgown bridal dress, Amber by Maggie Sottero, STAT!

This jacquard style is all about the unique shape and bodice treatment. The neckline is edgy and fashion-forward, but the ballgown silhouette is timeless. We think it’s the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. 

Noticing a pattern? Brocade and jacquard are beautiful fabric choices for strapless wedding gowns… The thickness of the fabric creates beautiful structure and cinches everything in, whereas a high neckline or sleeves tends to require too much fabric. We love the effect!

Amber Marie Brocade Wedding Dress by Maggie Sottero

Ok, so luxury is too often confused with “extra.” And hey, sometimes us “luxury lovers” prefer the simple, chic, and purely elegant. We consider this Jacquard satin wedding gown, Amber Marie by Maggie Sottero, to be the glorious “less is more” brand of fabulous… an exceptional design for a black-tie celebration featuring all your favorite style statements. 

Amber features a few ways to personalize:

  • Add a bridal veil or cape
  • Extend the train
  • Add covered buttons down the back

Minimalist jacquard wedding dresses like Amber and Amber Marie are all about the long, graceful lines and unique flourishes. It’s a gorgeous way to stand out while honoring your timeless, effortlessly sophisticated style. 

Vesta by Rebecca Ingram

Floral brocade makes an irresistible statement in Vesta by Rebecca Ingram, a beautifully tailored yet soft and feminine silhouette that’s all about the fabric. If you’re loving the vibe of brocade wedding dresses so far, you can’t get more magical than this ballroom-ready design. (Yes, it’s very ready for the dance floor.)

Vesta also features two sister styles for personalization options:

Vesta Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Clean lines, a stunning square neckline, puff sleeves, and a full brocade skirt… this modest wedding gown is the perfect fusion of whimsy and simplicity. If you’re planning a vintage wedding theme, you’ll love this Victorian-esque silhouette to match your formal and demure sensibilities. 

Vesta Leigh by Rebecca Ingram is a lovely example of how brocade and jacquard can be used to create structural effects like these puff sleeves. Fabrics like tulle and chiffon are flowy and ethereal, whereas brocade is tailored, architectural, and ultra-luxurious. Which effect do you like best?

Cyprus Jacquard Wedding Dress by Sottero and Midgley

This floral jacquard princess bridal gown is designed for any and all magical fairytale venues. Enchanted forest? European castle? Moonlit garden? You might as well book them all!

Cyprus by Sottero and Midgley features a few ways to customize your look:

  • Remove the train for a more casual look through special request
  • Add the unembellished floral jacquard voluminous arm bands, sold separately
  • Add the unembellished floral jacquard off-the-shoulder fitted long sleeves with soft flared cuffs, sold separately

Jacquard is stunning as its own design, but we especially love how color plays up the details in Cyprus by Sottero and Midgley… This rose gold hue is made to catch the light, shimmer on the dancefloor, and shine in your bridal portraits. This style also features a classic ivory colorway, but we have to admit we adore the rose gold for a divine golden-hour-ready bridal look. Simply put, you’ll be glowing!

Derrick Marie by Maggie Sottero

Infuse your wedding day with vibrant charm and whimsical elegance with Derrick Marie by Maggie Sottero. This floral ball gown wedding dress gets a stylish update with shimmery, textured, and ultra-sophisticated details… including that fabulous brocade. 

This wedding gown is another example of how brocade lends itself to structural silhouettes and regal flourishes. We’re getting princess, we’re getting red carpet, we’re getting any and all of the above!

Aspen Marie by Sottero and Midgley

Aspen Marie by Sottero and Midgley is a total show-stopper: a cat eye jacquard wedding gown with a unique blend of modern sophistication and timeless elegance. A wedding look can be many things, and sometimes you just need it to be really, really pretty in an ultra-luxurious way… and that’s exactly the effect of jacquard in this luxe and covetable design. 

Interested in more from our latest collections? Use our website filters to browse other styles available:

And remember — your Authorized Retailer is your best resource for browsing fabrics, personalizations, ordering options, and alterations for brocade wedding dresses! These specialists can help match gown options to your wedding vision, place orders, understand timelines, and curate your perfect bridal vibes. 

Happy shopping for perfect gowns for your perfect day!

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