30 Princess Wedding Dresses for the Regal Bride

Dresses | June 25, 2024
Brides wearing princess wedding dresses by Maggie Sottero

Have you been dreaming of your fairytale wedding dress since you were little? Allow us to introduce you to our most opulent, cinderella-esque, and royalty-inspired princess wedding dresses! Consider us your fairy godmother, ready to dress you up and send you off into your happily-ever-after. (We’re not crying, you’re crying…) Read on to see some of our most popular larger-than-life princess bridal gowns for you to choose from! And, if you love content like this, be sure to check us out on TikTok to stay up to date on all our newest styles!

What Are Princess Wedding Dresses?

Princess wedding dresses are a long-standing bride favorite for a reason! This silhouette is incredibly flattering on all sorts of different body types as the full skirt makes your waist appear smaller (if that’s what you’re into!) and hides any pesky body insecurities that no bride wants to spend her wedding day worrying about. 

It also reminds many brides of the gowns they saw their favorite princesses wear in children’s movies, which many considered to be the epitome of feminine grace. If appearing timeless in your wedding photos and having a beautiful first dance as you’re swept across the dance floor by your lover is what you’re after, a princess wedding dress may just be the perfect choice for you! 

We’ve collected our favorites from all categories – sparkly, simple, lace, colorful, and more! Scroll on to check them out!

Sparkly Princess Wedding Dresses


There are plenty of perks to falling in love. Conveniently, one of them is you get to wear an irresistibly shimmery ballgown wedding dress like Anniston by Maggie Sottero for your best day ever. Or pair it with Anniston Detachable Cap Sleeves…


We’re getting chic Snow Princess vibes from this sweetheart ball gown wedding dress, but that’s not to say Brogan by Maggie Sottero wouldn’t dazzle for a June party either!


“Vintage charm” doesn’t just have to be sparkly. Consider this banded cuff bridal dress, Elizabeth by Rebecca Ingram, for an alulring, romantic, and elegant take on the trend.

Athlone Princess Wedding Dress

For your true blue, unabashedly feminine, and bygone era soul – Athlone by Sottero and Midgley, a dotted glitter tulle floral bridal dress delights with delicate layers, illusion details, and ultra romantic flourishes. She pairs beautifully with the following accessories:


Engagement planning have you second-guessing your style?Don’t let the noise get to you – it’s best to listen to your inner Renaissance-princess-fairytale instincts. (Start by pinning Almudena by Sottero and Midgley, a glittering strapless wedding dress STAT.) And check out her accessories, of course!

Monica Princess Wedding Dress

Monica by Sottero and Midgley, an off-the-shoulder bridal gown with stunning shimmer and fabulous accessories like her Monica Detachable Cap Sleeves– AKA the solution to all your coverage, comfort, and wedding style dilemmas.

P.S. Are sparkles totally your thing? Don’t miss out on even more of our sparkly wedding dresses!

Simple Princess Wedding Dresses


We don’t insist you have to flaunt tradition fo ryour big day, but this asymmetrical neckline wedding dress, Ambrose by Maggie Sottero, is giving us some king of magical in magenta…

Amber Rose

We have to admit: It takes a little effort to look effortless. For those of such chic and inimitable persuasion, we’ve designed Amber Rose by Maggie Sottero, a strapless Mikado wedding gown for that perfect balance of sense and sensibility. 

Fortune Princess Wedding Dress

We’re not saying a sophisticated cat eye bridal dress can solve all your wedding checklist woes, but Fortune by Maggie Sottero is certainly a leap in the direction of chic, sophisticated, and divine. 

Selena Vida

Unelss you’ve got some vow renewal parties on the books, you may only get one chance to wear a phenomenal satin wedding gown with pockets in your lifetime. We suggest you make wearing Selena Vida by Maggie Sottero count! P.S. Did you know Selena Vida is made of lower-impact materials? Win-win! 


You wouldn’t mind a little extra star power on your big day, would you? Because very luxe and very dimensional things are happening in Tinsley by Maggie Sottero, a V-neckline ball gown wedding dress and her Tinsley Detachable Armbands!

Derrick Princess Wedding Dress

Are you a thespian at heart? A ballerina by fancy? Perhaps a ballerina IRL? We have just the satin V-neckline bridal gown for your dreamiest (and most dramatic) sensibilities. Derrick by Maggie Sottero with Derrick Detachable Cap Sleeves, of course!

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Lace Princess Wedding Dresses


Angelette by Maggie Sottero’s silhouette is soft and full, the 3-D flourishes are amorous, the bodice is divine – and therefore, the “whimsical romance” is strong in this lace princess wedding dress. Especially when you add Angelette Detachable Cap Sleeves!

Caroline Princess Wedding Dress

Focus on the silhouette. Lush-ify the embellishments. Fall into texture and volume. Caroline by Maggie Sottero is a romantic lace illusion bridal gown that calls for a fabulous bouquet!


You’ve followed your heart, and it’s led you to Sarah by Rebecca Ingram, a unique, stylish, nature-inspired, ultra flowy illusion bridal dress. Next up: accessories!


Lots of lovely is happening in this tulle A-line wedding gown, from the 3-D florals to the sheer bodice and thigh-high slit. It all adds up to a chic, confident, and ultra-sexy statement in Allison by Rebecca Ingram and matching Allison Detachable Sleeves for your best day ever!

Wicklow Princess Wedding Dress

Are you a true trendsetter? Then you simply must try on Wicklow by Sottero and Midgley IRL! Unexpected details elevate this sexy floral side slit bridal dress to the status of couture!


It’s your happily-ever-after! Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams of wearing Destin by Sottero and Midgley, a corset A-line bridal gown in all its chic-dreamy-boho-inspired glory. Or adding Destin Detachable Sleeves!

Lace wedding dresses are a girl’s best friend! Not sure which type of lace is right for you? Visit our blog to find out!

Colorful Princess Wedding Dresses


Here’s a romantic fabric for your “something old” and a showstopper silhouette for your “something new,” combined in one draped Mikado bridal gown called Faro by Sottero and Midgley to complete your perfect black-tie soiree!

Derrick Marie Princess Wedding Dress

A floral ball gown wedding dress is the bread-and-butter of romantic bridalwear, but you’d hardly recognize it in this shimmery, textured, and ultra-sophisticated number here. We speak, of course, of Derrick Marie by Maggie Sottero!

Aspen Marie

A wedding look can be many things, and sometimes you just need it to be really, really pretty in a chic and ultra-luxurious way – under which we file Aspen Marie by Sottero and Midgley, a cat eye Jacquard wedding gown with artful flourishes and a lovely strapless bodice.


“Boho luxe” starts with an irresistible silhouette and unexpected flourish. Just ask Teresa by Rebecca Ingram, a blue floral wedding dress that has both those bases covered – and more.

Bisette Princess Wedding Dress

Bisette by Sottero and Midgley and her matching Bisette Veil remind us of the pressing need to be decked out in gorgeous florals every so often. By all means, we shall be decked!


Look no further than Nerida by Sottero and Midgley for unique and artful details! Chic ruching and soft layers give this colorful cottagecore inspired wedding dress a “Strawberry Fields” kind of magic.

BTW, if you want to see more wedding dresses like these, check out our blog, Colorful Wedding Dresses For A Unique Bridal Look!

Unique Princess Wedding Dresses


Luminous! Unique! Regal! Chic! (Are just a few of our top exclamations regarding Zacasha by Maggie Sottero, a sweetheart ball gown wedding dress fit for a princess. Feel free to expand.)


Trust us: a short wedding dress like Ethelinda by Rebecca Ingram makes a top-tier style statement for your reception, elopement, minimony, or courthouse celebration. Divine!

Lucy Princess Wedding Dress

It’s all about the layers in this sexy, romantic wedding dress with crystal buttons. If you’re a fan of layers and shimmer, there’s really no need to keep scrolling past Lucy by Rebecca Ingram!


Take a chance. Believe in destiny. GO WILD. Mercury by Sottero and Midgley is a liquid satin A-line bridal gown that is calling your name! Especially with her Mercury Detachable Sleeves.


Regal drama with a twist: Emmanuelle by Maggie Sottero, a yarn-dyed strapless wedding dress with an unexpectedly chic basque waistline and irresistible satin finish.

Carter Princess Wedding Dress

Sending good vibes from the land of cool, functional, and ultra-glam bridal inspiration, with Carter by Sottero and Midgley, a two-piece forest wedding gown as the (super stylish) messenger!

Want more? Lucky for you, there are a lot more unique wedding dresses where these came from!

Haven’t seen the dress of your dreams yet? No problem! There is so much more where these came from. Here’s a selection of all our royal-inspired bridal gowns! Once you find the bridal gown that is perfectly you, make sure to book an appointment and try it on IRL at one of our Authorized Retailers! Saying yes to the dress has never been easier.

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