Picking A Petticoat…

January 30

You’ve found the dress, and now it’s time to pick the petticoat! The right one can add a full, elegant appearance to your wedding day look. Use this guide as a starting point to finding your perfect fit. We recommend trying on a few different options while working with your Authorized Retailer to achieve the desired fullness.

Choosing between a petticoat and a hoop skirt? Petticoats can be very full or barely more substantial than a slip, thus offering a range of volume and definition to your gown. Petticoats are typically used for slim A-line wedding dresses and gowns with drop waists. Hoop skirts are generally made of cotton and hold enclosed rings within their stitches. These are typically reserved for more dramatic A-line gowns, ballgowns, or fit-and-flare wedding dresses.

Wear a long fitted petticoat with tulle at the knees for a mermaid wedding gown. Wear a two-hoop skirt with a natural A-line wedding gown.Wear a three-hoop skirt with a ballgown wedding dress.

Wear a low, fitted waist petticoat with a drop-waist wedding gown.