Modest Wedding Gowns for the Elegant Bride

Dresses | May 25, 2024
Bride exchanging rings with her husband while wearing modest wedding gown Kashlynn by Maggie Sottero

Why shop for modest wedding gowns? So glad you asked! It’s kind of one of our favorite things to talk about! If you’re into timeless class, elegant sophistication, and an effortless sort of vibe, modest is totally the way to go! Some brides may feel more comfortable and confident in a dress that offers more coverage, while others want to focus on the celebration and not have to worry about adjusting their gown to make sure they’re not showing more than they want to. Whatever your reasoning, we’re totally on board! We find that modest wedding dresses allow the bride’s natural beauty and personality to shine through while matching the elegance of the occasion. What’s not to love, right?

If you want to add an element of tradition and a touch of modesty to your special day, here are some gowns that encapsulate that vibe perfectly, and even more to browse through on our website!

Fall 2024 Modest Wedding Gowns

Anniston Marie Leigh by Maggie Sottero

You’re giving chic. You’re glowing with sophistication and serving up major bridal romance in this puff-sleeve modest wedding gown designed for the dreamiest of boho celebrations. Elevate your bridal style with Anniston Marie Leigh by Maggie Sottero, which embodies classic charm and sophistication.

Addison Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Looking for formal and stylish modest wedding gowns? Opt for puff sleeves in a modest V-neck wedding dress – a chic and classy crowd-pleaser for all generations in attendance. Stay on trend and elevate your bridal elegance with the timeless charm of Addison Leigh by Rebecca Ingram.

Benicia Leigh Modest Wedding Gown by Rebecca Ingram

There’s additional coverage in lace modest wedding gowns – this one is tailored precisely for your demure and timeless wedding vision. Embrace sophistication and grace in Benicia Leigh by Rebecca Ingram, a masterpiece of timeless beauty and classic elegance.

Dagney Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Unveil a touch of delicate allure with Dagney Leigh by Rebecca Ingram, a wedding dress with a baby slit, a subtle yet seductive detail that we love. This modest wedding dress with fantastic details is so airy and delicate that you’d hardly think it offers coverage and support. (We promise it does.)

Hattie Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Embrace modest refinement in Hattie Leigh by Rebecca Ingram, a testament to timeless sophistication. On the subject of boho sophistication – we’re pleased as punch to offer this square neckline modest wedding gown with the dreamiest of lace and sleeve details. Who says modest wedding gowns can’t be absolutely stunning? Not us!

Psst! Looking for accessories? Check out Hattie Leigh’s detachable sleeves and matching veil!

Winona Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Looking for extra coverage and enchanting layers? Modest is beautiful and timeless in this fairytale floral ball gown bridal dress! Embrace the magic of your love story in Winona Leigh by Rebecca Ingram, a vision of whimsical beauty fit for a princess that some may call the pinnacle of modest wedding gowns.

Romantic Modest Wedding Gowns

Dolly Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Abundant lace gives this tulle modest wedding dress with skirt slit its sweet and boho charm. We’re giving it an A+ in lightness, wearability, and elegant presentation. Dolly Leigh by Rebecca Ingram is one of our favorite modest wedding gowns, and you can see for yourself why!

Modest Wedding Gowns: Millie by Rebecca Ingram

There are times for work, times for organizing, times for creativity and travel. This modest wedding gown with bishop sleeves is made for that one perfect, glorious, and uncontainable day of love. Millie by Rebecca Ingram gives us ethereal, nature–inspired vibes that serve as the perfect inspo for your whimsical garden-party wedding!

Natasha Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

This cap-sleeve A-line bridal gown reminds us of spring. The first glorious Saturday after Equinox. The smell of warm soil. Pink blossoms in the rain. Yours is a celebration of growth and renewal, so wear what makes you feel most transformed, like Natasha Leigh by Rebecca Ingram!

Tilda Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Modest beaded chiffon wedding gowns, a stunning addition to your special day. Not to mention that Tilda Leigh by Rebecca Ingram just might be the solution to all your coverage, comfort, and style dilemmas.

Vintage Modest Wedding Gowns

Harriet Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Here’s a vintage-inspired fabric for your “something old” and chic illusion embellishments for your “something new,” combined in one gorgeous modest wedding gown with ruffles to complete your perfect boho soiree. We speak, of course, of Harriet Leigh by Rebecca Ingram!

Joanne Leigh Modest Wedding Dress by Rebecca Ingram

Hello lovelies! This modest vintage-inspired tulle wedding dress is inspired by all things Shakespearean and Valentine-y and happily-ever-after. Joanne Leigh by Rebecca Ingram‘s beautiful A-line silhouette, shimmering fabric, and elegant beading make it a show-stopper for any bride.

Priscilla Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Add a boho vintage-inspired twist to your demure charm on your wedding day. This modest flutter sleeve wedding gown is romantic, flattering, and just a little bit fabulous. Priscilla Leigh by Rebecca Ingram is one of our most memorable modest wedding gowns for a reason!

Winter Leigh by Maggie Sottero

Looking for something flirty and surprising? Layered lace and ballerina-inspired tulle gives this modest vintage bridal dress a deceptively upscale simple vibe. Unique detailed touches and whimsical flutter sleeves make Winter Leigh by Maggie Sottero stand out in a crowd. 

Sonya by Rebecca Ingram

A perfect modest scoop neckline wedding dress may be many things, but whimsical puff sleeves make an ideal match for fairy gardens and moonlight dancing. As far as modest wedding gowns go, Sonya by Rebecca Ingram’s intricate vine-inspired beading and flattering silhouette make her a jaw-dropping option for brides opting for a little more coverage without losing an ounce of shimmering whimsy.

Psst! Love vintage wedding dresses? Check out our full selection on our website!

Simple Modest Wedding Gowns

Anniston Leigh by Maggie Sottero

There’s the “light side” of wedding colors, and then there’s the “shimmery champagne dreaminess” side of wedding colors. Anniston Leigh by Maggie Sottero is one of our modest wedding gowns that hails from the latter. A square neckline, covered buttons, and ultra-sparkly luxe fabric turn heads without compromising on chic simple vibes!

Meena Modest Wedding Gown by Maggie Sottero

“Soft and demure” is a fixture in the bridal sphere, and this modest corset wedding dress offers a fresh and whip-smart upgrade. For brides who love a more simple, structured gown that inspires the utmost sophistication, this satin modest corset wedding dress with a square neckline, Meena by Maggie Sottero, is a perfect fit!

Pilar Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Little things – a lace bodice, nature-inspired details, and a lush crepe skirt – come together for an exquisite statement in simplicity in this puff sleeve modest wedding gown designed for breezy celebrations. After all, who doesn’t love a crepe and lace bohemian modest wedding gown with a chic square back? Pilar Leigh by Rebecca Ingram coming through!

Vesta Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

Presenting nature’s muse, an icon of effortless romance, the portrait of elegance and sophistication – a floral brocade A-line modest bridal gown in lace and dimension, perfected. Need we say more? If you love modest wedding gowns, Vesta Leigh by Rebecca Ingram is a must-see!

Kashlynn by Maggie Sottero

A couture silhouette starts with a bold statement – perhaps a vintage-inspired crepe wedding gown in one-of-a-kind fabric and flourish? Kashlynn by Maggie Sottero is a regal vintage-inspired crepe modest wedding gown with sexy details that stuns in its simplicity. 

While we’re on the subject, did you know we have so many more simple wedding dresses for you to explore? Have fun!

Figure-Hugging Modest Wedding Gowns

Felicia Leigh by Rebecca Ingram

A quick lesson in modern fairytale-ing: a princess gown need not weigh a ton to feel like magic. Consider this comfortable modest wedding gown in soft crepe and feather-light lace for inspo! If a flattering silhouette amongst our many modest wedding gowns is what you’re looking for, feel free to stop scrolling at Felicia Leigh by Rebecca Ingram!

Modest Wedding Gowns: Quincy by Maggie Sottero

For brides with a fashionably dramatic streak, this Bridgerton-inspired wedding dress with puff sleeves is equal parts regal, luxe, and over-the-top. Quincy by Maggie Sottero features a square neckline and 3D floral motifs that are sure to have you turning heads on your best day ever!

Davis Leigh by Sottero and Midgley

If you’re covering up for your wedding day look, choose a modest illusion lace wedding dress that makes every square inch feel like magic. With stunning cutouts that don’t compromise your modesty, a scalloped train, and regal buttons trailing down to the hem, you can’t go wrong in Davis Leigh by Sottero and Midgley.

BTW to our modest brides, Davis Leigh has a detachable sleeve lining! Also, if a fitted silhouette is totally your thing, we have a lot more mermaid wedding dresses where these came from!

Have we officially turned you over to the modest side? If you love this vibe and are dying to try on some totally chic modest wedding gowns IRL, gather up your besties and schedule your bridal appointment now because we have so many options to choose from! And feel free to take your time playing dress up. After all, it’s not every day you get to try on so many stunning gowns!

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