Q&A: Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock Interview

September 17

We asked our readers to submit their most pressing questions to bride-to-be Desiree Hartsock and her prince charming, Chris Siegfried. Today, Desiree and Chris answer your questions! Find out how Des and Chris keep the romance alive, their favorite dates, and how to manage the stress of wedding planning! Take a look at our Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock interview below!

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Q: What steps did you take to stay in budget when planning your wedding?

A: Chris and I made a list of what is really important to us, and made sure those were things that got taken care of first.

Q: At what point did you know you were meant for each other?

A: When we spent time on a boat during the show…Everything was as normal as it could be. We could actually see that our relationship was what it would be outside of the show.

Q: What would your ideal wedding destination be?

A: Anywhere outside, near water or with lush greenery!

Q: Any tips for setting arguments or disagreements?

A: Don’t be afraid to bring up whatever is on your mind… Bottling things up inside can hurt a relationship, and communication is absolutely key.

Q: How do you manage to keep the spark alive?

A: We always take time out of our busy days to acknowledge each other and not let the stress of a work day interfere with that. Also… date nights! You have to make time for each other to keep it alive!

Q: What has been one of your favorite dates so far? 

A: Date nights at home, when we can sit on our porch and enjoy our dinner or a glass of wine together.

Q: What is your favorite thing about each other?

A: Chris can walk into a room and get along with everyone right away, and I love that about him. Chris: I love that Des is driven and just goes after what she wants!

Q: What’s one characteristic about the other that initially caught your attention?

A: For the both of us, it was the fact that no matter where we were in a room or a group, we could catch each other’s eye and smile to let each other know we were thinking about the other. It was an initial confidence individually as well as a confidence and security in us as a couple.

Q: Would you like to stay in Seattle?

A: We would like to, yes! That’s the plan… But you never know. We didn’t plan to find each other on TV, but we did, so you just never know!

Q: Would you have dated each other in high school?

A: Definitely! That’s one of the things that first drew us to each other, that we could see ourselves dating outside the show. We were in Spain sitting on the bed, and it just totally felt like we were high school sweethearts.