Maggie Bride: Lauren’s Unique Industrial Wedding

June 17

Combining a unique warehouse-esque setting and a stunning bride and groom, this industrial wedding has us buckling at the knees. Maggie Bride Lauren and now husband Jake, wed at The Basilica in Hudson, New York. A former train wheel and glue factory, the brick building added the perfect amount of character for the couple, who took one look at the venue and promptly booked it. Lauren’s dress, Chesney, was just as easy to decide upon. “The dress had just come into the store, and no one had even tried it on yet,” Lauren said. “I liked it a lot, but strapless dresses weren’t really my style. Right before I took it off, one of the sales associates realized it came with an incredible jacket. As soon as I put the jacket on, everything clicked. I had never seen anything like it… The dress was so beautiful, elegant and classic. I looked in the mirror and knew that was the dress.” Want to see more gorgeous photos from Lauren’s big day? Captured beautifully by the talented Keira Lemonis, see more on Martha Stewart Weddings now!

Maggie Bride, Lauren, wearing Chesney by Maggie Sottero for her unique industrial wedding. Maggie Bride, Lauren, wearing Chesney by Maggie Sottero Maggie Bride, Lauren, wearing Chesney by Maggie Sottero Maggie Bride, Lauren, wearing Chesney by Maggie Sottero Maggie Bride, Lauren, wearing Chesney by Maggie Sottero

Dress: Chesney

Favorite part of the dress: “It’s hard to choose… I loved the champagne color, the length, the way it fit perfectly. But, the uniqueness of the jacket just was the cherry on top for me.”

Favorite wedding day moment: “My husband and I received advice from a friend to take time for ourselves. At the beginning of the reception, we snuck away into the ceremony room for twenty minutes. We talked, enjoyed some hors d’oeuvres, and our specialty cocktails. It was so magical to have that time and really just look into each other’s eyes, and enjoy the bliss of being married without any distractions or interruptions.”

How did you and your now husband meet? “I was working as a food editor at Martha Stewart Living, and my co-worker mentioned that every time we talked, all she could think about was her friend, Jake, who loved to cook and travel. She asked if I wanted to be set up, and after loads of failed internet dates, I took a chance on my first blind set-up. One awkward double blind date later, we were inseparable.”

How did he propose? “I’d been traveling for work, and as I walked up the stairs to our apartment, I stopped and thought that maybe this was ‘it’. When I walked into the apartment and nothing happened, I thought I had watched too many romantic comedies and imagined it. The next day, Jake volunteered to make dinner since I was still jet-lagged. He was preparing fresh oysters (our favorite) and as he was shucking, he asked me to take a look at the oyster because it looked a little weird. I turned around, and there he was on one knee, with a beautiful ring in an oyster shell. Shocked, I yelled yes!”

Advice for future brides: “Definitely take that alone time for yourselves between the ceremony and the reception. It was the sweetest moment. Also, think of your wedding like the best party you could ever throw. Yes, it’s about you, but making it the most memorable, fun time for you and your guests will make it that much better. Welcome letters and thoughtful elements in our welcome bags, our toasts, and even making a playlist of our guests’ favorite love songs and their wedding’s first dance songs in the beginning of the ceremony made sure that our guests knew how appreciative we were to have them with us on our special day.”