Meet the Winners of our Summer in Love Contest… Stacy and Thomas!

August 11

Last week, we announced the lucky winners of our Summer in Love contest, Stacy and Thomas! Dating since high school, these two have the sweetest love story. Read more about their story… and their thrilling proposal… below!

Maggie Sottero's Summer In Love contest winner... Stacy and Thomas!

Q: How did you and Thomas meet?

A: “Thomas and I met at Montclair High School. We were good friends for a while before we started dating in 2006. Before we started dating, we would tell each other everything, and even share stories about our crushes. I always knew he was a great guy, with a huge heart and we always had the best time together. Before we started dating, I remember telling one of my friends how great he was, and that someday, he would make a great husband. Our feelings for each other began to develop as we were getting ready for prom, and a week before prom, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes, never thinking that it would be one of the best decisions of my life. I knew he was “The One” when I started getting to know him more, and witnessing how much he loved and cared for his ill mother. He was always more mature and independent than most guys I knew our age. I admired his dedication to his fmaily, his kindness, and willingness to help anyone in need. Above all, when we found God together and built a relationship with Him, our relationship went to a whole other level. There is nothing greater than being in love, having a relationship the Lord’s way, serving God and sharing that love with others as a couple.”

Q: How did Thomas propose?

A: “The day he proposed was actually his dad’s birthday and it was a few days before Christmas, so he told me we would be going to San Diego to celebrate for his dad. Once we pulled up to what looked like apartments, he told me he had lied, and this was my Christmas gift…A hot air balloon ride! The thought of the proposal happening that day did cross my mind, but when I hugged him, I didn’t feel the ring box in his jacket or anything. Once we were in the air, he pretended to drop something, took the ring box out of his sock, and proposed! It was short and sweet because he was nervous, and forgot his entire speech!”

Q: What a darling story! Did you have any idea he was going to propose?

A: “I knew he would be proposing soon…. He’s not a good secret keeper and I don’t like surprises! He told my sister and family, then told me it was time to talk about marriage and our future seriously. I knew it would be coming, I just didn’t know how it would happen.”

Q: What an exciting time for you two, planning a wedding! Do you have any ideas yet?

A: “We’ll be getting married on July 4, 2015 on a hilltop in Diamond Bar, California, overlooking the city. We’re hoping to catch some good fireworks! We both have very large families… I’m Latina and he’s Hawaiian, so we plan on having all of our loves ones there and keeping it pretty traditional, with a modern twist. We have been waiting a while for this day to come, so it’s been highly anticipated by everyone we know! We can’t wait!”

Q: Have you started looking for dresses yet? What are you looking for?

A: “I went browsing for dresses a month and a half ago, and noticed that I absolutely loved all of the Maggie Sottero dresses, before I even knew the line! My consultant noticed that with every Maggie Sottero dress I put on, I didn’t want to take it off! I was in love with the way they shaped my body and looked classic with a touch of modern style. I went home and did my research on the dresses, followed the Maggie Sottero pages, luckily saw the contest, and here I am! Winning the Summer in Love contest is a dream come true! Thank you for this generous prize! I can’t wait to be a Maggie Bride!”

We’re thrilled for Stacy and Thomas! Stay tuned for more from this darling couple!