Meet the Winners of our Ring in the New Year Contest… Allie and Ethan!

February 9

Last week, we announced the lucky winners of our Ring in the New Year contest, Allie and Ethan! Dating since high school, these two have the sweetest love story. Read more about their story, and their romantic proposal, below!

Meet the winners of our Ring in the New Year contest, Allie and Ethan! Meet the winners of our Ring in the New Year contest, Allie and Ethan! MaggieSottero-Campaigns-RingintheNewYear-winner02

Q: How do you and your fiancé meet?

A: My fiancé, Ethan Hyatt, and I met walking the halls of Sulphur High School, located in the small but homey town of Sulphur, Louisiana, where high school sports are heavily supported. I first noticed him at a high school baseball game, when the friends I was sitting with were chatting about the attractive up-and-coming designated hitter. It was just a typical giggly teenage girl conversation about a cute guy. Little did I know I would soon be going on what seemed to be a double date, when we each brought a friend to get dessert at a local resort. Being brave, I snuck them into the pool area to show them around since they had never seen it before. I didn’t think anything of this “date.”  Since Ethan is a little younger than me, I never considered the possibility of us being a couple. He was a little intimidated at the fact I was older and figured there would be no chance. With much persistence and chivalry, he swept me off my feet. At that very same resort, he asked me to be his girlfriend in the simplest but sweetest way. We have been together ever since, a total of 3 years and 7 months. And I know this may seem silly, but we like to celebrate each month (“monthiversary”). It’s just a little tradition we started from the beginning, and it has stuck ever since.

And to add to this love story, the friend that I brought and the friend that Ethan brought on our first date to get dessert later fell in love, became engaged and have a precious baby boy.

Q: What a darling love story! Fast forward to your engagement… How did he propose?

A: New Year’s Eve was on a Wednesday this year. We attended church like normal. Afterwards, we really had no plans, and I thought nothing of it. We decided to head to a nearby town and try to see some fireworks. We ended up in the exact spot where we first hung out and where he asked me to be his girlfriend. He attempted to get me to sneak into the pool area (as I had him do years before) where he planned to propose on one of the bridges crossing over the pool. I, not being so brave anymore, was worried about getting caught. Next thing I knew, I turned around, and he was on one knee. Even though it didn’t go exactly as planned, it was secluded, sweet, and everything I could have hoped for.

Q: That sounds so sentimental and romantic…. Did you have any idea it was coming?

A: I had absolutely no idea he was going to propose. Afterwards, we looked back on conversations we had in the past and laughed. Earlier in the year, he mentioned, “I see us getting engaged by the end of the year.” Even though he had forgotten about that conversation, he literally waited until just a few hours before the end of the year!

 Q: Have you started getting wedding ideas pulled together?

A: We are getting married on August 8, 2015, right here in our hometown where we were both born and raised. We have only been engaged for a little over a month so lots of ideas are stored on my phone or in my head and waiting to be turned into reality. Most of the basics are complete and now, we’re working on the fun details. We actually just loaded up his pickup truck with tree stumps to make wood slices to add a rustic touch to our wedding day. We are both so thrilled for this exciting chapter of our lives, and can’t wait to share it with friends and family.

Q: Have you started looking at wedding dresses yet? What do you envision yourself wearing?

A: Before the contest, I hadn’t started looking for wedding dresses yet. I actually was shopping in Dillard’s one day for a dress for an upcoming event and happened upon a simple white lace dress. Considering the budget, I thought to myself, ‘I may just have to sacrifice an extraordinary gown and try this dress.’ Just a few days later, our church hosted a revival meeting in which the guest preacher spoke about giving to Faith Promise—a Bible based program that supports missionaries across the world to preach the Gospel. I didn’t have very much, but I gave what I had to missions. Later that week I was driving past Dillard’s and at that very moment received an Instagram notification in which all I saw was “Maggie Sottero” and “finalist.” I freaked out. I was so amazed by God and how He is always faithful. Since the contest has ended, I have been looking at all the extraordinarily beautiful Maggie Sottero dresses and have fell in love with numerous different styles. How can you not? I feel so unbelievably blessed to become a Maggie Bride! I can’t thank y’all enough for going well above and beyond for a bride-to-be and making my special day that much more special.

 Congratulations, Allie and Ethan! We’re excited for you both, and thrilled we get to share in your journey with you! Best wishes in this exciting chapter of your lives!