How To Find Affordable Wedding Dresses: Our Rebecca Ingram Label

Dresses | July 2, 2024
Brides wearing affordable wedding dresses by Rebecca Ingram

Presenting another fabulous rundown of affordable wedding dresses and style inspo! if you’re in the market for pretty gowns that don’t cost a pretty penny, we’ve got the perfect gallery of runway-fresh styles to get you shopping. We’re very much on board with you finding a style you love at a price that feels comfortable and authentic to your vision… Keep scrolling for all the fabulous details! 

Why Buy an Affordable Wedding Dress?

We totally get it — there’s a ton of pressure to spend big on your wedding day. Despite your pragmatism and best laid plans, it’s easy to get swept up in the romance and fantasy of it all and, well, splurge (and splurge again). Extra personal purchases like wedding dresses are especially risky… They’re in high demand (with high markups), and it’s not always a clear path to find your dream style at the right price. 

Thankfully, affordable wedding dresses are and always will be a favorite for brides. Maybe you want save money. Perhaps you love more simple, elegant styles. Maybe you’re more invested in the occasion and emotion of your wedding day and less about keeping an insanely expensive dress pristine… All very good reasons to seek out a budget-friendly gown, you know?

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Consider other options you get when buying an affordable wedding dress:

  • The purchase allows you to prioritize other parts of your wedding day in your budget such as food, florals, or a fantastic destination venue. 
  • Less ornate (but still gorgeous, of course!) budget wedding dresses also allow brides to shine above all else — you’re wearing the dress instead of the dress wearing you. 
  • Many brides look beyond their wedding day and feel like they would rather keep their savings for a fantastic honeymoon or a house with their soon-to-be spouse instead of splurging on a gown they’ll only wear once.

Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here to help you shop! At Maggie Sottero, we have inexpensive wedding gowns that are both stunning and within your budget. We’re so excited to share our latest inspo. 

What Is a Good Budget for a Wedding Dress?

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Let’s talk budgeting. As you begin shopping for wedding gowns, you’ll find the average price for a wedding dress is between $1,800 and $2,500. More luxurious gowns can range from $3,000 all the way up to $8,000 (or more!). With all these numbers in mind, what counts as an affordable wedding dress? The common consensus is an affordable wedding dress will typically cost you under $1,800.

There’s plenty of shopping and inspo available for brides looking to reduce all your wedding costs, not just your gown purchase. One great resource is our blog post Tips For Setting Your Wedding Budget. If you could use some help figuring out finances for your wedding day, be sure to check it out!

Does under $1,800 sound like a dream come true for a bridal dress? Keep reading to learn about our label of affordable wedding dresses — stunning silhouettes that won’t break the bank!

Where Can I Buy an Affordable Yet Pretty Wedding Dress?

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We have no qualms admitting it: affordable yet pretty wedding dresses are one of our specialties. Allow us to introduce you to our Rebecca Ingram label!

With Rebecca Ingram, designer wedding dresses can still be affordable and brides have other options rather than going to Amazon or through a sketchy site that will get you a cheap-looking dress.

A Rebecca Ingram wedding dress is what we like to call the perfect convergence of style and value! With prices ranging from $1,000-$1,800, you’re sure to find a stunning gown for a price you’ll love! These are value-driven gowns without a compromise on quality and style for the bride who knows that less is more. So — are you a Rebecca Ingram bride?

The Rebecca Ingram Bride is drawn to the simple pleasures in life. She’s flirty, sexy, fun, and maybe even a little bit retro. She knows who she is and what she wants and has a zest for life that makes her the center of any social circle. She’ll be too busy dancing the night away with her partner and making memories with the people she loves to be worrying about keeping a $5,000 dress pristine. Don’t get us wrong, no one is more deserving of a stunning gown than big-hearted Rebecca brides! Labels and price tags just might not be their priority. They find their dreams come true in a Rebecca Ingram wedding dress, the perfect balance of style and affordability. 

15 Affordable Wedding Dresses We Can’t Get Enough Of

We’re especially excited about our latest selection of affordable wedding dresses, the Rebecca Ingram Fall 2024 Collection! Inspired by retro charm and modern vibes, these gowns encapsulate ageless euphoria that echoes through time! Be sure to check this collection out and pick out a few to try on IRL.

Need more direction on finding affordable yet pretty wedding dresses? Take a look at our blog, How to Find Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses Near You, for help!

Catherine by Rebecca Ingram

Catherine by Rebecca Ingram is a dreamy, classic, and perfectly tailored lace gown. Plus, the materials used are lower-impact! This is a lovely choice for a nature-inspired wedding or backyard garden party. 

Alanis Affordable Wedding Dress by Rebecca Ingram

Alanis by Rebecca Ingram features a lovely vintage lace motif atop a luxe, comfy jersey lining. We adore the plunging neckline and strappy bodice…. It’s all the sexy and chic you love about high-end gowns but so much more affordable!

Addison by Rebecca Ingram

Addison by Rebecca Ingram is another lower-impact style made with recycled fabric. This slinky and strappy gown is another style that’s perfect for an effortless outdoor celebration. We’d love to see it paired with a flower crown or statement jewelry… so comfy, so relaxed, and so sexy! 

Affordable Wedding Dresses: Marsha by Rebecca Ingram

Marsha by Rebecca Ingram is a curve-hugging fit-and-flare inspired by red carpet silhouettes. Think Old Hollywood meets modern muse — a figure-enhancing and ultra-romantic gown to feel like a million bucks on your wedding day.

Elizabeth by Rebecca Ingram

Elizabeth by Rebecca Ingram is simple, sweet, and beautifully minimalist. We adore the cuffed neckline and soft layers (also made with lower-impact fabric)… It’s like a nostalgic gown you loved as a little girl but with a fresh, sophisticated, and modern vibe for your real-life wedding day. 

Nicolette by Rebecca Ingram

Nicolette by Rebecca Ingram is ready for the dancefloor. This sleek silhouette is all about the lace, shimmer, and sexy details. It would look incredible with floral accessories and a cascading bouquet. 

Jett Affordable Wedding Dress by Rebecca Ingram

Jett by Rebecca Ingram features subtle yet eye-catching details in the skirt and neckline. It’s classic with a little bit of edge for your cool-girl meets vintage wedding vibe. It’s a little Rita Hayworth (so sexy) but with a fresh, effortless vibe for the 2020s. 

Blake by Rebecca Ingram

Blake by Rebecca Ingram is a little fairy princess-y and a little ballerina-esque. We adore the thigh-high slit and corset bodice. This would look incredible for a National Park wedding or 

Janice by Rebecca Ingram

Janice by Rebecca Ingram also creates that effortlessly regal vibe with a shimmery bodice and layered skirt. This style is sexy, girly, and perfect for your budget!

Kitt by Rebecca Ingram

Kitt by Rebecca Ingram is a more low-key version of the fairy princess gowns above… It also features a shimmery bodice and layered skirt, but the silhouette is more like a sheath or A-line rather than a ballgown or ballerina style. So sweet and simple! 

Affordable Wedding Dress Accessories

Consider affordable wedding dresses with options to personalize and accessorize! These styles from our latest collections features lovely sleeves, matching veils, and other ways to make the gown completely yours:

  • Hattie by Rebecca Ingram is one of our top-reviewed and most popular affordable wedding dresses. This curve-hugging style is sexy, romantic, and ultra-feminine, and brides love the options and sister styles for silhouette, skirt style, neckline coverage, amd more.
  • Allison by Rebecca Ingram is all about the frills and flourishes. It’s whimsy, decadence, and chic femininity all in one… and totally unlike other affordable wedding gowns you see in boutiques or online.

Love these affordable wedding dresses and accessories? See them IRL at an Authorized Retailer near you! Your stylist can also help you budget for shipping, alterations, accessories, bridesmaid gowns, and more. Have fun shopping at one of our Authorized Retailers and best wishes!

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