Des Dishes On: Her Collection Inspiration

May 28

Last month we hosted Desiree Hartsock in our Salt Lake City headquarters for the first fittings of her wedding and reception dresses! We sat down with Desiree to get the inside story on her collection inspiration (set to debut in August!), her upcoming nuptials, and all things wedding… Read more below!

Desiree Hartsock dishes on her collection inspiration with Maggie Sottero.

Maggie Sottero: Working as a bridal stylist, you’ve had a lot of experience with different designers. When it came time to design your own collection, what made you decide to partner with Maggie Sottero?

Desiree Hartsock: Maggie Sottero has always stayed true to who they are, and that’s why I love the brand so much. The gowns are in a price point that’s reachable for brides, so they’re appealing to any bride. The collection, the selection, the price point… Everything. Your wedding day should be about how you feel in your gown, regardless of the price point.

MS: When working in bridal salons, what experiences did you have when brides put on a Maggie Sottero gown?

DH: With the Maggie dresses, they just have such an amazing fit. When a bride puts on a Maggie Sottero dress, there is something different about it. I think it’s the care that Maggie Sottero puts into each design. They have the bride in mind, so the bust is going to fit, the corset is going to cinch the waist, everything just comes together. That experience really resonated with me in choosing Maggie Sottero.

MS: We’re so excited to debut your collection in August, what can you tell us about the collection inspiration?

DH: I’m inspired by the beach, the waves, nature, and beauty. That’s reflected in the fluid silhouettes I design, and the comfortable fabrics I prefer. The bride I have in mind when I design is a free spirit who wants the princess inside to come alive while wearing a silhouette other than a ballgown.

MS: We’ll keep the details of your own wedding dress just between us, but let’s talk about your wedding planning. Where do you turn for resources and inspiration?

DH: Everywhere! It can be a little overwhelming with all the information that’s out there, but I’ve enjoyed it! I use websites, blogs, magazines, you name it, I use it. On my own blog, I love to see the real weddings that brides submit… It’s so fun to see weddings come to life. I love featuring weddings where you see the whole story unfold, where you can see the love between the couple. It shows a little more personality!

MS: Weddings are so fun when people infuse their personality into them! Let’s discuss details. The wedding ceremony… Inside or out?

DH: Outside.

MS: Traditional vows, or write your own?

DH: A little bit of both!

MS: Veil or no veil?

DH: I haven’t decided yet!

MS: Heels or flats?

DH: Heels.

MS: What are your three favorite flowers for your bouquet?

DH: Oh that’s tough! I would have to say… peonies, roses and daisies.

MS: Those speak to your personality! Romantic, elegant and free-spirited! Thanks for chatting with us today…We’re so excited to continue to work with you, and reveal your wedding dress and collection!