Maggie Bride: Jessica’s Outdoor Wedding

March 31

“I have always heard when you find the dress, you’ll just know it,” said Maggie Bride, Jessica Cartie. “It’s absolutely true! When I put the dress on, I was beaming. I could just picture myself walking down the aisle to my groom, Brian. My mom and grandma both cried when they saw me in that dress. To be sure, I tried on a few dresses later, but none compared to Bernadette. I went back to try it on again, and it was then I was absolutely certain I would say ‘I do,’ in that dress.” We’re completely smitten with Jessica and Brian’s stunning Temecula, California wedding. Donned in our beautiful Bernadette, with a gorgeous keyhole back, Jessica paired modern accents (we’re loving those turquoise feathers!) with timeless traditions to create the perfect, outdoor wedding. Keep scrolling to see more photos, and read about her lovely day below!

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Photos courtesy of Closer to Love Photography

Dress: Bernadette

Favorite part of the dress: “I was completely in love with every detail of my dress, and I’ve never felt more beautiful. My absolute favorite part was the key-hole back, which was a must for me. It created the elegance I was looking for in my wedding dress.”

Favorite wedding day moment: “There are two moments from my wedding day I will always cherish. The first was when my dad and I turned the corner and stood at the end of the aisle. I could see Brian on the other side, along with all my friends and family. My dad whispered to me, and we made our way down the aisle. The most memorable, though, was when Brian and I read our vows to each other. It was such a romantic, intimate moment that I’ll never forget.”

How did you and ¬†your husband meet? “Brian and I met in college. It was my last year, and I took a summer semester finance class to keep on track for graduation. We flirted quite a bit! One day, he brought bread to class so we could feed the ducks at the on-campus arboretum, which is when he finally asked me out on a date. From then on, we were inseparable, and fell in love.”

Advice for future brides: “Take time to enjoy every moment of the process, even if it gets stressful at times. You will only get one chance to try on wedding dresses, pick out flowers, and create the details of your wedding. Especially on the big day, make sure to stay calm, laugh, cry, kiss, dance, eat your cake and take in every second because it will be over before you know it!”

Your wedding in one word: “Boho-vintage.”